Best Landscaping Company & Tree Services in Austin, TX

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Best Landscaping Company & Tree Services in Austin, TX

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Gravel Installation Austin TX,

Gravel Installation

One of the first things that can make your guests feel welcome as they come to visit your home is your front yard and driveway. And when the weather is fine, entertaining outdoors such as your backyard is usually more pleasurable and refreshing. If you need a gravel installation service at Austin TX let us help you!

Even after the guests have all been gone, a charming outdoor living area creates a distinctly calm and edifying atmosphere that benefits every member of the family One only needs to step out and walk through it, bask in the sun and savor the feeling of serenity.

Thus, the need to give careful attention to these spaces. Doing such will undoubtedly enhance the aesthetics of your home in Austin, TX while ensuring durability and functionality, and increasing its market value.

Thoughts On Gravel Installation

As you conceptualize your driveway and garden paths, you will be presented with various choices of materials, one of which is gravel.

Gravel is a popular choice among homeowners as it comes with many advantages:

  1. Gravel installation is more affordable as compared to bricks, tiles, or other stones.
  2. Gravel is quite versatile as it comes in diverse colors and sizes. Bring out the artist in you by mixing and matching them to come up with your own, unique design.
  3. Gravel installation provides for good water drainage thus preventing puddles from forming on your driveway or walkways. In the same manner, flooding which can bring about damage to structures or cause soil erosion and root rot in your plants is prevented.
  4. Gravel can be produced from recycled materials making it eco-friendly.
  5. Gravel’s durability can withstand heavy foot or even vehicle traffic which is why it is ideal for pathways.
  6. In terms of maintenance, gravel is easier and less expensive to maintain.


There are several other materials that you can use as ground cover. The decision will just have to depend on how you would want to use the space and the vista you want to create. 

Of course, how much you are willing to shell out during and after installation will also come into play.

Gravel Installation Pros

Confused still? Allow us at Castro Family Landscaping leading landscaping design service in Austin, Texas, to usher you through this process and turn your vision into reality. You only need to let us know what’s on your mind and we will take care of the rest.

Our team of highly skilled professionals, with the use of the latest in equipment, will leave no stone unturned to guarantee that your expectations are met, and more.

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