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Lawn Disease Management Austin TX, Lawn Disease Management Agency Austin TX

Lawn Disease Management

From lush and green lawn to the discolored, patchy, and unattractive-looking lawn? What causes these problems? Why does this issue occur? The cause of damaged is often hard to identify and diagnose. Usually, diseases are not the leading cause. There are various possible causes of lawn diseases. That includes stressful weather conditions and improper lawn care such as watering or irrigation, fertilization, mowing, soil cultivation, and thatch removal.

In managing and preventing an outbreak of lawn diseases, you should maintain a healthy growing lawn. Castro Family Landscaping professionals are experts in identifying, managing, and diagnosing these lawn care problems. With our years of experience and expertise, we proudly offer our lawn disease management service.

Experts on Lawn Disease Management

As a lawn care service provider, we maintain and manage your lawn with whatever issue it may have, whether lawn and fungal diseases, insect pest problems and other stresses such as extreme drought. Reducing such lawn diseases, we practice the following:

  • Choose a suitable lawn grass – There is no perfect turfgrass; they have positive and negative qualities. Select the correct turf for lawn use. Choose a grass that grows well in the condition of the environment.
  • Build a healthy lawn – to avoid the need for herbicides. Choose a lawn that is compatible with the climate, artistic desires, and maintenance level. Also, it should be resistant to common lawn diseases.
  • Irrigate efficiently – early in the morning is the best time to water, and an inch of water weekly is needed. Allowing the soil to dry out between waterings and the grass to dry up the entire day will give less chance for lawn fungus to develop.
  • Establish a healthy soil – consider the depth of soil at least 6 inches under the turf, and test the soil regularly to ensure that the grass has the right nutrients and ph level. It is also necessary to determine the need for fertilization.
  • Fertilization – maintaining a healthy, dense lawn with good resistance to diseases depends on the application of fertilizer. We do not over or under-fertilize. Choose natural or organic fertilizer for the specific turfgrass. It is necessary to regulate and apply the correct and exact amount of fertilizer needed.
  • Mowing – maintaining the recommended height for mowing with no more than one-third of the grass and doing it more frequently based on the grass’s quick growth rate improves the lawn’s ability to resist diseases and remain healthy.
  • Aeration- aerate depending on lawn type, annual or once every two to four years to improve drainage and soil compaction to decrease a lawn susceptibility to diseases and insect damage.

Thatch removal- to facilitate efficient water irrigation into the root zone, a thick or heavy layer of lawn thatch should be detached, and dethatching by removing dead grass will decrease the risk of lawn fungus.

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